Copyright Issues in Internet World

Internet is a medium of expression. It is also the highest growing media for communication & source of information. Being the most sought after source for information means attracting the attention of legal & copyright community.

New issues surface and attract attention every time any company finds new ways to generate revenue or traffic by creating innovative business models. Some of the latest limelight grabbing incidents is:

1) Viacom Sues You tube: Says You tube’s main business model is to distribute video content without any consideration about copyright issues.

2) Internet Archive Sued By a Woman: Internet Archive was sued for spidering a website which had a notice saying Copyright Act. Only it was in text not in image Format. So now spiders would have to read that as well…

3) Microsoft Sues Cybersquatters: Cybersquatters were registering Internet domains with names similar to brand names of micrsoft.

4) Microsoft Attacks Google: MS says Google violates copyrights of enterprises for its own gain.

5) Publishers Sue Google Over Book Content: Apparently Publishers were in rage over Google scanning copyrighted material for online search.

6) List of News where Google was sued: Webmasterworld covers all the cases that mentioned Google was sued.

7) More Such News:

Legal & Copyright community is new to such situations and obviously has not anticipated these happenings beforehand to form a law & order for everyone to abide it.

Companies on the other hand come up with innovative ways taking the advantage of the antiquated legal system to create popularity & generate revenues

By looking at this, my take is there is a bright future for anybody who is aspiring to pursue a career in copyrights & legalities on Internet, cyber security, Internet Laws & disputes etc…