Online Advertising Agency

There has been in a surge in new advertising agencies in India especially in past 2 years. The number has increased to more than 100%, primarily targeting overseas clientèle as well big Indian companies. Due to low cost factor or other reasons most online marketing agencies outsource their projects to India, being one of the largest English speaking young populations.

Many online marketing agencies & companies abroad find it advantageous to outsource their work to other agencies and companies in India. This is possible mainly in online industry where geographic location is of slight importance

Agencies in India target 3 main entities for business.

A) Agency client, typically another agency abroad looking to reduce its cost of operations by outsourcing part or entire amount of work to agencies in India. This is profitable for agencies as they only have to manage the client while the backend operations are taken care of by outsourcing partner.

B) Companies: These are primary advertisers who are looking to advertise across various channels across online media. They would be totally willing to outsource their work to agencies here in India, but since physical presence matters while negotiating deals, the agencies in India have difficulty in closing deals with big companies. But companies which are active online are aware of methods of outsourcing their online work to agencies worldwide. These agencies may have experience in the past or are aware of channels like forums and sites where people selling services can be contacted.

There are also companies in India who are interested in online marketing arena. These companies need to be convinced of the ROI on investing online. However most big companies are aware of online industry growth and advantageous of advertising.

SEO SEM Agencies

In the online marketing industry the services offered by agencies are performed in a predefined set of processes. Every service is offered in phases like:

  • Phase 1: Analysis
  • Phase 2: Activities 1
  • Phase 3: Activities 2 etc…

The agencies assign an account manager or a client representative who is in constant touch with the client regarding updates and changes etc. This client representative would be dealing with numerous clients of that agency. The agencies provide you a standard set of reports and documents sent at regular intervals of the campaign.

The agencies mainly have clientele who are unaware of technicalities and knowledge of the industry, the campaign management activities cannot be performed by them due to lack of expertise or necessary resources.

However the most important thing to be noted is that the agencies have very little knowledge of the business of the client. The company which runs the business knows exactly who its target audience is and what their needs are hence would be able to reach them with the right communication. This is especially true in B2B marketing on