Popular Business Models of DOTCOM Industry

In my previous post of Internet Business in India, the discussion surrounded on the present state of Indian Online Industry, however if you could see what business models the survive on this online industry then my thought is it is 50% is the concept and 50% is how you execute the concept.

1) Portals – Rely on User generated content as well as content of channel partners. B2C & C2C.
a. Example: Yahoo, MSN, Rediff, Indiatimes.

2) E-commerce Sites : Rely on Products of vendors B2C
a. Example: Indiaplaza, Indiatimes Shopping, Rediff Shopping

3) Classified Sites – Rely User Generated content. (B2C & C2C)
a. Example: Job sites, Matrimonial Sites, Real Estate Sites,

4) Auction Site – Aggregation of Buyer & Sellers online. Rely User Generated content. Mainly C2C
a. Example: Ebay

5) Social Networking Sites: Revenue Generation is Advertising, Contact Other People.
a. Example: Orkut, linkedin

6) Agencies – These companies offer services to market & increase popularity of client sites on internet.

Revenue Generation

A) Advertising – Sell Ad Space.
B) Subscription
C) Sell user database
D) Sell mail traffic
E) Affiliates, sell traffic to other websites.
F) Sell web space (micro sites),
G) Sell products – for e-commerce sites
H) Sell permissions to contact other people.
I) Sell user generated content.

Have a Great Idea Now What?

Once you have a great idea, implementation is a key in making it a success. It is extremely essential to be up-to-date with latest web technologies such as Web 2.0 concepts, AJAX, XML, APIs, JSON and new technology.

It is important to constantly change and innovate. Find new ways to promote & market your site Online. The important factor is to be active online, show your presence by contributing to the community through Blogs, Social Communities, New Products, Forums, RSS feeds & new innovative ways of marketing.

The essential areas that business has to concentrate are

A) Increase user generated content on the site,
B) Increase user participation on your website,
C) Help users earn money through your site,
D) Help users connect with other users they want to connect.
E) Give economical benefit to the user,

Your growth is dependent on your community’s growth, therefore help build your community/online target audience. This is the simple reason for high popularity of Webmaster world, Search Engine Watch, Digital Point & Other such forums. They contribute to the community growth & encourage user participation & mutual knowledge sharing and solve problems.

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