How Youtube can Increase Popularity

Youtube has recently run into series of Copyright issues from CBS to Viacom. Dr. Eric Schmidt in many occasions says Youtube user who views videos (copyrighted material) is a fan, word derived from the word fanatic. Hence companies can sell anything to these fans as they are at high interest and willingness level to accept anything from the advertiser. My belief is this argument is just to defend the usage and distribution of copyrighted material; however his point still holds credibility.

Here are some of my suggestions on how Youtube can win both companies’ as well as users popularity.

1) Discriminate the content on Youtube as User generated, Copyrighted.

2) Make deals with TV channels to publish Youtube’s user generated videos on TV program’s such as Top videos of the week. Top funny videos etc.. This would encourage people to post personal videos as viewer ship increases.

3) Ask big brands to purchase users videos which become popular. For example Nike could copyright popular user videos on football etc…

4) Reward the users whose videos get selected for TV broadcast or get Branded. These videos will be of course original videos

5) Distribute & publish popular Youtube videos across various other sites on Internet

From Advertisers Perspective:

1) Display Image Ads & Text Ads beside videos of similar theme.

2) Advertising costs are higher for Ads showing alongside videos that generate high volume of traffic

3) Upload advertiser’s videos which are displayed alongside popular videos of similar content.

Social Media Marketing

Social networks have recently found increased importance & popularity among internet users. Mostly because they are only classification of websites through which people can connect to other people effortlessly, which otherwise would not have been so easy to connect.

Most Social Network community generally has following options:

1) Anyone can join / Moderator regulated
2) Forum Postings ? anonymous / non- anonymous
3) Messages ? Allow /Disallow members to send messages to each other.
4) More the number of people joining the group higher your community appears in search results.

Advantage Users: Ability to connect to interested people, share all forms of content. The users can join communities or create communities and invite other users & interact with them.

Advantage Advertisers/Marketers: Find group of similar interest people and find their target audience in one single location. The people on the network are at high interest levels therefore would increase the chance of generating prospective leads.

The Useful tips for Marketers for promoting their websites and brands on social networks are.

1) Create Communities Online related to your industry and company. But remember to keep it general & non profit as a social contribution and not at all as marketing & promotion technique

2) Invite people to join your network.

3) Offer help, advise, technical assistance and guidance to people. Even if it means acknowledging the advantages of your competitors products/services.

4) Ensure that you maintain your reputation in the community & network online

5) Communicate with the aim to increase your target audience’ awareness, & knowledge.

6) Join Other Communities and Groups. Ask their members to join your community.

7) Publish the Top messages, discussions on blog, website etc?create a RSS feed and ask users to subscribe.

8) Distribute Viral to community members

9) Tag your community with the right keywords, synonyms

10) Communicate you target audience with good enriching content.

11) Identify & be aware of your target audience. Send specific high interest messages to specific audience. Give individual attention & listen to your audience. Do not copy past a standard template and send it across to everyone..

12) Be an active blogger.

Top Social Networks

1) Yotube
5) (Most College Students from Top Universities worldwide & Professionals from Companies)