Website Analysis Tools

Alexa & comScore

In present day online industry there are numerous players such as companies, agencies, individuals, consultants & others who are coming up with innovative ideas technical as well as commercial in the online medium to make an impact to the end user’s life.

However, the one area where the online industry is lacking & the community needs to put its act together is creating a strong, robust, reliable, widely accepted analytic system which gives the both the end user as well as the community a benchmark to measure & evaluate the effectiveness of a website in the online market.

The presently available tools such as Alexa and comScore are both unreliable as sometimes it is found that they contradict each other while rating a website

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There are numerous instances where Alexa and comScore ratings have been doubted by various people:

The point is the main motive behind installing an alexa toolbar is to drive up the ratings. The comscore figures are also seen are far away from the real numbers.

With use of new technologies such as AJAX, calculation of page views becomes even more complicated for the analytical tools.

My belief is there is enough room for any new company to enter and provide real value to end user, companies & other players in the online industry.