Yahoo Pipes a Useful Tool for Webmasters

Yahoo Pipes is definitely the most innovative product to be released in major scale in recent times.

This is a tool using which you can generate customized content by mixing RSS feeds in any order. You could send the output of one feed as input source into another.

For example you could create customized Pipes to suit your users needs and generate content that can be very useful to your audience. Hence can be a great value addition to your auidence.

Create a new section in your website where you can extract data from various related websites and create mashups and throw results to users. This data can be published on new web pages. This will help generate new unique fresh content not available anywhere on Internet and getting refreshed regularly.

Another way is to send these mashups again as RSS feeds which can be subscribed by users. These can be tracked and monitored to know its performance.

This is a wonderful tool for bloggers, webmasters who are constantly looking for fresh content to be published on their sites.

If you own a huge sites having traffic in millions you would definitely have an idea of the exact needs of your end users. These can met by creating mashups to generate most popular data users are looking for on your site. Hence you could increase the stickiness of the website.

This would be of major help to Technology NEWS sites, Real Estate Sites & all major Web 2.0 sites.