Yahoo Search Marketing in India

Yahoo Search Marketing is very new in India after it parted ways with MSN in sometime June 2006

Yahoo launched its Ad program In India with new Interface for Advertisers to manage their campaigns and track/monitor results performance.

The Main features of YSM are:

1) Users add mainly Ads in YSM not keywords. This means that campaign is sorted by Text Ads

2) There is Advance Match (similar to broad/exact/phrase match in Adwords) & Content Match for every Text Ad.

3) Set Maximum position 1 for all Ads, this would automatically increase your CPC to give your Ad #1 on search results

4) Gives our your competitor bids and Top 3 bidders for your keyword

5) Generate daily, monthly, weekly reports on keyword performance.

6) Campaign Settings, Activate/Deactivate Campaign, Url, Category of Campaign.

7) Billing Report on predefined this month & last month stats.

The above are the main features on the YSM system. For more latest info you could visit the YSM blog

My personal opinion is that a company that is looking to compete with Google has to come with a system that is comparable by benefits & features vis-a-vis competitors.

As an Google Adwords user the main things that are visibly lacking in the system which catches your attention are:

1) No Conversion Tracking. How does yahoo justify users expenditure on their network without being able to track campaign effectiveness. This shows Yahoo is concerned about earning their revenue more than caring about users money.

2) No Advance Keyword/Ad Text editing. You cannot track down poor performing keywords & remove them. Similarly Text Ads.

3) No place for Image Ads. With content targeting options, having a Image targeting is a necessary feature.

4) No way to generate customized reporting tool. There is only a standard reports that can be generated.

5) If there are more than 1 campaign then there is no provision to find cumulative costs, clicks, bills etc..

6) There is a need to create an Ad every time your add a new keyword. This increases the time of the advertiser.

These are main features that are clearly visible in the account and definitely not helping the advertisers.